Handcrafted Excellence

Made by Martial Artist, for Martial Artists

Exotic Hardwood Weapons

Materials Are Hand Selected And Handcrafted To Ensure Excellence

Unique & Stunning Weapons

Martial Artists Aren't Mass Produced, Your Weapon Shouldn't be Either.
Lethal Art is run by Spencer & Janae Dowd out of their home in Oregon

Handcrafted Excellence.

As a dedicated martial artist you expect nothing short of excellence from your training, and your weapon should be no different. 

As a martial artist myself, I became frustrated with the mass produced weapons that didn't fit right, had no character, and questionable quality. 

Realizing this issue was not unique to me, my wife and I made it our mission to give martial artists the weapon they have always wanted. 

Every single weapon that leaves our shop I handcraft myself for the individual martial artist. Let me make you a weapon that reflects the dedication you put into your training. 

- Spencer Dowd

Weapon Specialist

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