Made to Order Nunchaku - Paracord

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At Lethal Art we are proud to produce nunchaku that reflect the dedication that you give to your martial arts training. Each one our nunchaku is made with the customer in mind and is handcrafted by Spencer Dowd.

Once your you have order your set, Spencer will reach out to receive the specifics of your order. 

This order includes any of the following specifications:

  • Round Nunchaku, straight or tapered. 
  • Length up 14" (12" for African Blackwood)
  • Diameter up to 1.5"
  • Paracord connection, many color options available.
  • Grip Lines 

Please contact us at if you would like to make a custom order or would like to make changes you do not see here.

Ordering a matching set? Use code DoubleChukker at check-out to receive the second set 1/2 off!

 Includes US Shipping. International shipping will be billed post check-out. 

Due to CITES restrictions we are unable to ship Cocobolo Nunchaku Internationally.